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Silly Story #1 - Stephen and the Shark

All creatures love Stephen.  It is only natural that sea creatures also should love him and want to be near him.  des_pudels_kern      and I have been writing short stories on this theme in the style of children's books.  This is the first installment from our slim volume, Stephen Sails the Seas.  Watch for other thrilling tales from this compendium, including "Stephen and the Sea Serpent," "Stephen and the Boobies," and "Stephen and the Evil Mermaids of Temptation!"

Title: Stephen and the Shark
Authors: grace_poppy      and des_pudels_kern     
Fandom: M&C
Characters: Stephen, a shark, Dillon, people
Rating: G  (Well, perhaps PG for the illustration)

Stephen and the Shark

This is Stephen. He lives on a ship with Jack and all his friends. Everyone loves Stephen.

See the man with the shiny golden locks and red face? He is Jack. He is Stephen's best friend. He thinks he loves Stephen the most. If he knew!
Everyone loves Stephen. And everything.

One day Stephen was in a boat with Dillon.
"Be careful!" said Dillon.
"Whoops!" said Stephen.
Stephen fell into the sea.
"Splash" went the sea.

Then Stephen was too busy drowning to open his eyes. Which was a pity. Otherwise he would have seen a shark.
The shark had heard the "splash". And sharks are curious beings.

"It's him!" thought the shark. "That man from the boat! The beautiful man who smells like sausages!"

The shark was overjoyed. The Sausage Man had finally accepted his invitation to join him in the sea!

So the shark made his way towards the Sausage Man. While he swam he was grinning his best shark grin, to show the beautiful man how happy he was!

He opened his mouth to give him a kiss.

"He even tastes like Sausage!" the shark thought with glee. "What a marvelous man! I love him so much!"

But who was this, swimming towards the shark and his friend?
And showing his teeth like the shark did, but not in as friendly a manner?

"Oh Noes!" thought the shark. "He will try to take my sausage Man from me! I shall not survive losing him!"

And now the creature was joined by another of its kind - a Sponge Man, who robs the sea of its treasures! And now the Sponge Men were going to rob the shark of his own dearest love!

"Go back to your boat!" the shark entreated. "Or take these sponges! Look below you, sponges of every size and color! But spare me just this man, this sweet sausage-smelling man!"

But while the shark's pleas would have melted stone, the Teeth-showing Man and the Sponge Man wouldn't listen to them. He neared them, begging desperately not to take this incredible beautiful, unique, yummy-smelling man from him.

But he didn't reach his love in time to carry him safely away with him before the cruel Men reached him. And as he looked the Teeth-showing Man in the eyes, silently beseeching him not to take this from him, anything but this one, he knew he was doomed. He knew, they would take his joy from him, and he would not survive it.

Then the younger Sponge Man gave the poor shark a great knock upon the head while the older man, grinning with his wicked teeth, seized Stephen's arm and dragged him back to the surface of the water.

When the poor shark recovered from the blow, his lovely sausage-scented friend was gone forever!

And so the heartbroken shark just stopped. He stopped swimming, he stopped breathing, and distraughtly sank down to the bottom of the sea. He didn't care anymore. He cared about nothing anymore.

Thus the shark lost the one dearest to him and died of broken heart.


Stephen and the Shark 
(Painted with artistic liberties by some shark-hating artist among the crew, no doubt - probably depicting himself as one of the men involved in the heroic rescue)

Next... Stephen and the Sea Serpent!
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