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Silly Story #2 - Stephen and the Sea Serpent

Title:  Stephen and the Sea Serpent (from Stephen Sails the Seas: Stories for Children)
Authors: des_pudels_kern and grace_poppy
Characters:  Stephen, a sea serpent, Pullings
Rating:  G  (or perhaps PG for mature themes such as DEATH!!!)

Stephen and the Sea Serpent

See the sea serpent! She is the most beautiful sea-serpent in the Indian ocean.

Her wet scales are glistening in the sun like the purest gold, riddled in a tantalizing pattern with shimmering black. Her lithe and sinuous body moves in the hypnotizing way that is immanent only in the most graceful of beings.

But what is this that she hears? Someone is singing a Psalm in the most beautiful voice she has ever heard! Can it be? Is it He? The one she has heard of - Great Stephen???

She sidles and meanders towards the heavenly voice, through the gaily rippling waves, in her beautiful proud easy glide. Then she reaches the ship, and in its mainchains, she sees Him.

"Stephen!" she shrieks, and tries to swim up to him. But why is he hindering her progress? He bars her way again and again with a line and a net, even morsels of food.

"I do not want food," she cries, willing him to hear her. "I only want you!"

She tries to get to him, but alas, she can not reach him. Doesn't he want her with him? Doesn't her beauty and charm please him? The wish, no, need to be near him, now that she has laid eyes on him, is almost unbearable. But even stronger proves the will to please him, there is nothing she won't do for him, to make him happy. Thus she ceases her attempts to evade the net and draw nearer to him, and instead snakes right in, resigned in her fate, as long as only she may content him.

"I hope this is what he wants - for me to climb into his net. I would rather climb into his pocket... but joy! He is lifting me out of the water - yes! He DOES want me near him! Oh bliss!"

But whose voice is that? A stranger is shouting at her Stephen!

"Don't ee touch her, Doctor! She's a sea serpent!"

"What am I to make of this? A sea serpent? Why, that should be obvious! See my shimmering, glistening scales, watch me glide and snake through the waters!"

Aware of the stranger's motive, petty jealousy, she wriggles and squirms to get closer to her lovely Stephen. Surely her presence will ban the stranger's scorning intonation!

But hush! Now Stephen, her Stephen is speaking! And his voice sounds even more beautiful out of the water!

"Of course she is a sea-serpent. That has been the whole purpose of my fishing ever since we reached these waters. Oh what a lovely creature."

And now his eyes, pale, beautiful and so like her own, are gazing at her with such a look of affection!

His voice sends delightful shivers through her slim body, his words make her melt and hang limp in the net he is holding.

"For me! He came here searching for me! 'Twas not chance that brought us together, no, it was fate, destiny! He is the reason I exist!"

Mesmerized she stares into his deep eyes. They seem to hold countless mysteries while at the same time they reveal nothing. And while she is ensnared in his loving gaze, she realizes she would do anything for him.

She wriggles and dances with joy, hoping to convey these thoughts to him. But the other man, evidently jealous, insists on stealing Stephen's attention.

"Don't ee touch her! She's deadly poison!"

Poison! The word is like venom to her own heart. Is she poisonous? Could she really be a danger to the man that she loves so much??

Cold and stiff she hangs in the net, the stranger's words pain-bearing and paralyzing in her mind.

"I seen a man die in twenty minutes - "

The previous delight, only a few moments past, seems farther away than the day she hatched. She is powerful, she knows that. Her beautiful looks and graceful movements have always attracted enviers, but she never had to fear a single one of them. Her sharp teeth were no more than another blessing for her. But now?

The stranger is called away and Stephen is reaching out to touch her. No! She must not hurt him! She flashes a yellow ribbon of warning. Stephen!!

He can't touch her! No matter how they both long for it, they cannot be together! She loves him too much to endanger him with her presence. She could not bear to harm him, even less to kill him! Oh Stephen! Doesn't he see how it pains her?

He doesn't. He still tries to touch her, hold her, to be near to her. But he may not! Being with her would kill him, just as being without him would kill her.

And so she bites herself - again and again and again with her sharp and venomous fangs! She would rather die here and now, close to Stephen, than live to see him harmed in any way.

She feels her own poison flow through her body. And while she knows she should feel its cold pain from head to tail, she doesn't. She just sees Stephen's beautiful eyes and feels his warm hands ghost over her dying, slackened body. And then she is at peace.


Stephen and the sea snake

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