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Stephen Maturin Fans
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Finding a severe and unacceptable lack of Stephen Maturin communities on livejournal I immediately set out to rectify this error. Fortunately it was an error easily mended and thus the birth of stephen_m to the world of livejournal.

This community was made with all Stephen Maturin fans in mind whether you know him from the film Master and Commander or from the Aubrey/Maturin series by Patrick O’Brian. Please feel free to join.

*~Community Purpose~*

This community was meant to bring together all fans of Stephen Maturin. While we do support Paul Bettany this community is not about Paul Bettany. (Take a look at paul_daily, paulbettany, and paulbettanyfans if you'd like to obsess over Paul. :D)This community is about the character of Stephen Maturin, not the actor. Your posts may include but are not limited to:

-MaC book discussion relating to Dr. Maturin (Character, background, canon love life...)
-MaC film discussion relating to Dr. Maturin
-Icons, banners, and any number of graphics or pictures you may find
-Random fangirl squee-age about Stephen Maturin

*~Community Rules~*

1. This community is to be kept family safe. Keep swearing to a minimum and any fiction and fanart must not exceed a PG-13 rating.
2. While I am not a fan of slash you may post it providing it’s under a PG-13 rating. Please remember that this community focuses on Maturin himself and not his relationships with any other character. If you’re an Aubrey/Maturin fan perfect_duet should suit your needs quite nicely. I’m not banning all shipper fanfiction, I’m only saying that this community should not be made into a fanfiction community because that is NOT what it is.
3. All slash must be labeled with a warning; it's only fair.
4. Large images and text should be cut.
5. I have zero tolerance for any sort of disrespect and arguments. I will not allow anything worse than an intelligent debate. As the community moderator I will determine where the line between flame and respectful disagreement is.
6. There shall be no discrimination or hateful comments. Respect each other.
7. Have fun :)

(Rules subject to random, illogical changes. This tendency for modification, however, does not effect the validity of the rules. If a new rule appears stating that in order to be a member of the community you must say "Stephen Maturin" every time someone asks you where the loo is then you'd better follow the new rule.

...Okay, that was just a really ill-humored way to say that new rules may appear as the need dictates. You need not go to such extremes and hopefully I won't either. You never know with me... XD I'm new at this community moderating job and so I might have to wing it for a while. Please just bear with me and play along.)

Any questions, comments, flames should be directed to shadowsyra whom you may contact at the address moonmist2001@yahoo.com